new digi page!

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A while back we went to see Paula Dean at a local event center. I have put off scrapping the pictures because I hadn't found paper that suited me. Tonight I decided to create my own...
I did a digi sheet I can just add the pics to when i get back home...Leave a comment ..let me know what you think.

New Baby pages

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The following pages have been created as a gift for a friend. Hope you enjoy viewing them and will post some comments.

Joyful E

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This is my beautiful nephew now much bigger. He was such a joy as a little tyke!

Welcome Adara Perks

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This page was created ahead... I am waiting on Adara's arrival to add her pic. she was expected on last Wednesday and again on Friday. She is already hard headed and will come in her own sweet

I created this page just playing around with a new toy arrived in the mail today. Scrapbook Factory, it is a fun program for quick projects and can be saved in html format.

Getting started scrapbooking

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Think about the blessings you've received in your lifetime.
Think about how you feel when you are praying.
Who do you pray most for?
What types of things do you thank God for most frequently?
Include sections in your scrapbooking about religious sacraments, and blessings you've received. For instance Baptisms, Holy Communion, Reconciliation, and even the personal time you have with God. Journal about your experiences with each special event that you've gone through. The rest of what you include is seriously up to you. Many church's have Bingo and Game Night, plays and musicals mission teams, prayer teams, bible study groups, youth activities and more. Journal about the special events and include photos if you have them. Be blessed in your walk with God and share what you can in your album. The rest can be tucked away with hidden journaling by tucking a note inside a pretty envelope secured with a ribbon, or a tag in a pocket, a strip sliding in and out from behind a photo!
Get busy! Start yours today!

Why I scrap:

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I scrap, with a sincere desire in my heart to leave a legacy of faith that will out live me. The many years of my life continue to pass me quickly, through this passing of time I have learned there has been one true to me no matter. God has always been beside me... if not leading me, he was tapping me on the shoulder nudging me the other direction. I struggle to show others this amazing relationship that God wants with each of us.
While I do believe he gives us talents and creativity.. this isn't what he wants me to give back to him. He wants ME...all of me to glorify him, not just the talent that fumbles with paper between my hands.
When you have a bavarian creme filled donut: what is the good part? the bread is good but what is the best? the INSIDE! all that stuff that consumes us.
There has always been a strong creative flair within me, scrapbooking allows me to record the events, thoughts, heart strings, burdens, prayers, joys, desires etc in a creative way. It is as much therapy for me as it is an important message for me to leave to my loved ones.There are so many pictures I can look back to and see the memories rushing to me as if it were just hours ago. Sometimes they are joyful and sometimes I shed a tear. The pictures mean something to me and when I share a message of Love, pride, joy, heart break, whatever it is we share.. we can make a connection as to the relationship of the Lord Jesus in the event.