Leaving a Legacy of Faith is a decision ..Will you start today?

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I will sing of the loving kindness
of the Lord forever; to all generations
I will make known your faithfulness with my
Psalms 89:1 (NAS)
What do your children think of when they
think of you? Their answers would be very
revealing, wouldn't they? I had a friend
share with me how her son had brought
home a picture he had drawn for Mother's
Day some time back, when the child was
instructed to add words describing his mom
to the picture, he chose chocolate chip
cookies, reading, napping and laughing.
She smiled as she thought of the accuracy
of those words. Just as she remembers this
drawing we can create instances that will
impact our children as well.
Every day we leave fingerprints on our kids.
What do we want our children to think of
when they think of their parents? A mom
who was gentle and firm in her discipline
or a mom who flew off the handle easily?
A mom who seemed permanently attached
to her phone or a mom who was available for
life's big and small moments? A mom who
occasionally went to church or a mom whose
love for God was part of her everyday life?

A legacy can be defined as "something
handed down." Every day through our words
and actions we are developing a legacy to
be carried in the character of our children.
It is easy for the busyness of life to keep
you from being purposeful in your parenting.
Let's decide today to leave the legacy we really
want. Let's make sure it's a legacy not born of
busyness and urgency, but one born of
purposefuleness and prayer.

It is always helps me to remember that God
is a parent too. So who better to turn to for
parenting advice? It also helps me to know
that God loves my children even more than
I do, He will fill in the gaps for us as we seek
Him first. No matter what kind of parent you
have been, today you can decide to add to
and improve the legacy you are leaving.
These are the only days we have with our children.
We don't get them back. Let's begin today to be
the Leaving the Legacy of Faith we want our children
to know and God expects out of us!

Record these experiences in a scrapbook,
along with photos of you and your family.
The treasure will out live you and will be a
documented record of your faith and the
legacy you leave.


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